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Atopic dermatitis (AD), the most common form of eczema, is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that makes the skin itchy, red, and inflamed.1,2 While this condition affects the skin, its impacts are more than skin deep.3

This year patient advocate Ashley Ann Lora returns to introduce new people and uncover the life lessons and insights from those living with this skin condition.

Hear inspiring stories from real people and their advice for living with AD. 

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“AD Days Around the World has inspired me in unimaginable ways, personally and as a patient advocate. It has taught me that the struggles of living with eczema or AD are borderless.”
– Ashley Ann Lora

Stories from Around the World

Canada: Kim

Kim says learning to manage her AD has opened her eyes to a new world around her.  

United States: Ashley

When managing her AD, Ashley found comfort in not only her friends and family but the wider AD community.  

Marjolaine smiling in a park

Canada: Chava

Chava says her experiences have inspired her to become an advocate for others living with this condition.

United States: Gregg

Gregg says his AD has helped him find his purpose in life to help others. 

Marjolaine smiling in a park

France: Marjolaine

Marjolaine uses dance and movement therapy to translate something physically and emotionally challenging into art.

Julia smiling at the camera

Germany: Julia

Julia says her AD has helped her learn how to handle struggles in life as she focuses on her college education.

Laura smiling on a sofa.

Italy: Laura

Dance gave Laura a "can-do" attitude and taught her that, no matter what, "the show must go on".

África smiling in a park

Spain: África

África wrote a children’s book to help give words and meaning to her experience with AD.

Ashley smiling at the camera.

Meet Your Host

Ashley Ann Lora is from the United States and has lived with moderate to severe AD for more than 25 years. As a passionate global advocate, she uses the power of vulnerability to speak up for patients and discusses the needs of the AD community.

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