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Kim speaking about AD

Meet Kim

Kim says learning to manage her AD has opened her eyes to a new world around her.

“Living with atopic dermatitis does not mean giving up on your dreams. You can still enjoy life the way you want to.”

Image of Kim outside

Meet Ashley

When managing her AD, Ashley found comfort in not only her friends and family but the wider AD community.

“Living with atopic dermatitis has allowed me to learn the power of vulnerability. I love sharing my story with the hope that it helps others.”

Image of Ashley in the park
Chava smiling

Meet Chava

Chava says her experiences have inspired her to become an advocate for others living with this condition.

“Supporting AD Days Around the World is important to me because my story can help people know there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

Gregg smiling

Meet Gregg

Gregg says his AD has helped him find his purpose in life to help others. 

“Atopic dermatitis is very unpredictable but I am learning how I can overcome this.”

Marjolaine smiling in a park

Meet Marjolaine

Marjolaine uses dance and movement therapy to translate something physically and emotionally challenging into art.

“Art therapy helped me transform something which can be very difficult into some piece of art. Making people aware that they can live a better life.”

Ashley and Marjolaine dancing in a studio
Laura smiling on a couch

Meet Laura

Dance gave Laura a “can-do” attitude and taught her that, no matter what, “the show must go on”.

“You can have a really beautiful life even with [atopic] dermatitis.”

Ashley and Laura sitting by the seaside
Julia smiling at the camera

Meet Julia

Julia says her AD has helped her learn how to handle struggles in life as she focuses on her college education.

“AD had a positive effect on me; it helped me in many ways – not just with my skin, but also in dealing with struggles when things don’t go well.”

Ashley and Julia sitting on a park bench
África smiling in a park

Meet África

África wrote a children’s book to help give words and meaning to her experience with AD.

“Eight years ago, 90% of my body was covered in eczema. When I met the doctor who helped me, it was like a miracle. He was the first doctor to tell me, ‘This is no way of living.’ I was feeling much better; my skin was much better.”

Ashley and África sitting on a couch
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